2024 Pet Memorialisation Trends

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We’ve analysed what’s currently popular within the pet memorialisation industry and compiled our top seven trends we expect to start increasing in popularity in 2024.  

Pet memorialisation is constantly evolving and transforming with the economic conditions, technology availability, and relationships with our pets. As previous trends become more commonplace, what can we expect to see gaining popularity this year?   


Over recent years we’ve witnessed more and more people choosing to take a small amount of their pet’s ashes and turn them into a piece of jewellery. A lovely reminder for owners to cherish their pet forever and carry a piece of them everywhere they go. This is a great option to remember the relationship they held forever. Owners need only ask their crematorium to provide a container with a smaller amount of ashes alongside the urn with the majority. 

Personalised keepsakes 

Owners can further cherish their pets with personalised keepsakes. With inkless sets readily available, these can be scanned and then laser etched onto a keepsake. Keepsakes can also be used to contain a token of ashes, photos of a pet, tags and even fur. These keepsakes can then be displayed next to an urn or a picture of their pet. Owners can also store their pet’s ashes within a framed picture of their pet.  

Virtual remembrance 

Grieving a pet can be more difficult than grieving the loss of a human. Grieving owners may find that their grief is not understood by those around them. However, those struggling to come to terms with the loss of their pet will find an increasing number of online support groups with other grieving owners. These virtual support groups offer people an opportunity to share memories of their pets, express their emotions, support other owners and receive support themselves. The Blue Cross has set up a Facebook group for pet owners coming to terms with their grief. 

Pet Funerals 

With more and more pet crematoriums offering families the opportunity to bury their beloved pet on their grounds, we expect pet funerals to increase in 2024. However, pet owners don’t need to be restricted to organising a pet funeral at a designated centre, they can organise one at home if this is where they choose to bury their pet. Pet funerals offer families the opportunity to grieve their pet by giving them a send-off worthy of the impact their pet left on their lives.  

Focus on sustainability 

As the population becomes more aware of their impact on the environment, we would expect pet owners to consider the environment when choosing how to remember their pets. Whether they choose to plant a tree in their honour or scatter their ashes in a remembrance garden, the sustainable options increase year on year. We may even start to see a transfer of sustainable technology from the human death care industry into the pet death industry such as composting. 

Support with Doulas 

As end-of-life doulas become more popular in human death care, it is only a matter of time before more people train as pet death doulas. A pet end-of-life doula supports and cares for families at every stage of the dying process. Their role is to support families to help them face death, embrace mortality and grieve in a healthy way. They bridge the gaps between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of death.   

Interactive memorials 

Whilst we don’t expect interactive memorials to take off in 2024, we can expect to start seeing very early adoption of this type of pet memorialisation. Petamory is an app available in Hong Kong that allows you to upload images of your deceased pet which are then used to create a lifelike digital replica. Through the app, you can interact with your pet and continue to experience some of the companionship once shared. The app also provides a service, powered by artificial intelligence, to help owners navigate their grief journey. With such a unique service, we believe that once this type of memorialisation becomes readily available, it will be very popular with grieving owners.   

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