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Ashes Scattering

Scattering the ashes of a beloved pet can be a lovely way for the family to come together to celebrate their pet’s life as well as to say goodbye and gain some closure.

Many people choose to scatter a pet’s ashes in the garden of their home, though choosing a special place such as a spot where their pet loved to bask in the sun, or where they enjoyed walking or playing, is also a popular choice. Many Pet Crematoriums also offer areas such as a Garden of Remembrance, where you can choose to scatter the ashes of your pet after they have been cremated. You can then return to visit when you want to remember them.

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What is a Scatter Tube?

A Scatter Tube is our thoughtfully designed container that holds the ashes of your pet after cremation and is especially designed for the scattering of pets’ ashes. The ashes can be placed in a Scatter Tube when you are ready to scatter or bury the ashes or can be put directly into a Scatter Tube by the pet crematorium after the cremation has taken place.

Scatter Tubes™ come in a wide range of different designs and sizes and are cylindrical in shape. They have an easy opening at one end so you can take off the lid and scatter the ashes when you have decided upon the perfect place for your much-loved animal.

Petributes are the creators of the original Scatter Tubes™ as a more beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to other pet ashes scattering containers commonly used at that time. Since we introduced them in 2007, they have become enduringly popular with pet owners for ashes scattering or burial, to share ashes between family members or as keepsakes.

Scatter Tubes™ and Scatter Pouches are two of our most popular products and were designed, with ashes scattering in mind, to be simple to use, eco-friendly and suitable for most pets. Scatter Tubes and Scatter Pouches are used by many pet crematoria and vets to return pets’ ashes to their families after cremation.

Personalised Scatter Tubes™

Although we are not able to offer completely bespoke Scatter Tubes, except to trade customers, we have a number of options that will allow families to personalise their pet’s scatter tube to ensure that it is unique to them. We can engrave flexi plaques to add details to make sure that you commemorate your pet just as you’d like and demonstrate how much they meant to you and the wonderful times you shared during their lifetime. They could alternatively have an engraved, hand-written or decorated Heart Message Tag attached. We also offer a plain white card Scatter Tube that can be decorated by the family and this is particularly appropriate for children who can make their pet’s Scatter Tube totally unique. You may wish to ask your pet crematorium if you can decorate the Scatter Tube before your pet’s ashes are placed inside.

How to use a scatter tube

Using a Scatter Tube is very straightforward and easy to use. They have a removable outer lid and a perforated inner lid which you press through when you are ready to scatter the ashes. The hardest thing perhaps is deciding where and when you would like your pet’s ashes to be scattered or buried.

There are several options you can choose from:

Water burial

our Scatter Tubes are suitable for ashes scattering over water but we do not recommend them for ashes water burial by submersion. It is generally considered acceptable to scatter the ashes of a pet in UK inland waterways – although we would recommend you check with landowners or relevant authorities. There are stricter controls over seashores and coastal waters and the relevant permissions should be sought before scattering your pet’s ashes at sea or on a beach. You may wish to seek more guidance from the Environmental Agency and you should always keep environmental impact in mind.

Burying ashes

our Scatter Tubes are safe for ashes burial if you would prefer to pick a spot for your pet’s ashes to rest intact, rather than being scattered. You can bury your pet’s ashes in your garden if you own your home. If not, or if you are concerned about leaving them behind if you move house, you could bury the ashes in a large pot or planter or in one of our pet urns or caskets specially created for ashes burial. An alternative is to have your pet’s ashes buried in a Garden of Remembrance at your pet crematorium where you can visit them. Our plain coloured Scatter Tubes are especially suitable for ashes burial as they are 100% biodegradable and all our Scatter Tubes are made from over 90% recycled materials meaning that you can bury your pet’s ashes with peace of mind.

Scattering ashes

you can scatter your pet’s ashes wherever you like, within reason, in the UK if you have checked with any landowners. However, there are a few exceptions, restrictions, and laws. If you aren’t 100% certain whether it’s OK to scatter or bury the ashes, checking with the relevant authorities first will give you peace of mind. Please keep the environment in mind and try not to leave anything that would have a negative impact on the countryside or wildlife.

If you’d like to create something extra special, our Meadow Tributes range includes matching Scatter Tubes™, sympathy cards, and wildflower seed packs. Seeds can be scattered with the ashes from which flowers will grow if you scatter or sow them in the earth. When you see bright blooms growing from the spot where you said goodbye to your pet, this can be a beautiful and poignant reminder of the happy times you spent together.

Scattering Pet Ashes with Petributes

The team at Petributes wants to ensure that the process of saying goodbye to your beloved and special companion is as smooth and painless as possible.

Our Scatter Tubes™ are designed with simplicity in mind, to allow an easy-to-use and attractive pet ashes scattering solution.

We have the most comprehensive range of beautiful designs available, and sizes range from tiny keepsakes, sizes suitable for split or token ashes, to full ashes, so they are ideal for almost any pet from the smallest to the largest.

Use our Scatter Tube Design & Size Guide or speak to your pet crematorium for help to find the perfect Scatter Tube for your pet.

All our scatter products are available from any of our Stockists near you.


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